Global Extranet Order System

GEOS is an online application created by Elcart, available free of charge to our clients, which allows you to conveniently and effectively manage the supply of products. Here are the five strengths of GEOS:

  • Check availability: GEOS allows you to connect to Elcart’s virtual warehouse to check the real-time availability of the items, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with no obligation to purchase;
  • Orders and Quotations: with GEOS, you can send orders and requests for quotations to our offices. Elcart guarantees the delivery of goods within 48 hours of order;
  • Specifications and technical data: with GEOS, you can see the specifications and technical data relating to the items in our catalog;
  • Bills, invoices and order confirmations: GEOS allows you to browse, save in PDF and print all bills, invoices and receipts related to your orders;
  • Date and time of collection of the goods: with GEOS then you can check the status of the shipment of orders in real time.

The GEOS service is absolutely free. If you are already our customer and you are interested in this service, just request your username and password at:


Accedi al GEOS